Solusi Musi Persada

About Solusi Musi Persada

PT. Solusi Musi Persada has been around for several years. Founded in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We have considerable experience in energy and Telecommunication, Media and Technology industry.
Our technology and strategy partners are from the US, Singapore, Hongkong, France, Japan, China and Switzerland.

Our Vision:

Integrated and multi services provider
for TMT and Energy Industry

Our Mission:

  • Performing world class quality of works
  • Providing innovative solutions to the clients
  • Increasing value to various stakeholders

Our Projects

Advertising and media management
for various apps and entities



Our Products & Services

Various TMT Equipments


Various Energy Equipments


Media concession


Big data analytic for retail and advertising purpose


Online advertising


Engineering consulting


Our Partners

We are partner for several digital apps and media for the last several years,
helping them to grow their business further through online, offline advertising and also other avenues.
We are also supplying integrated technology solution and consulting services to several companies.

Sample of our track record as follow :

Dover International Trading and Consulting


Dover is doing various transportation infrastructure project advisory in South East Asia.

RH Petrogas

(a Malaysian based energy company)

Project advisory and community relationship for their Papua based project.

China Oilfield Services

Project and technology solution provider for their Indonesia based project.

My Health Diary of Investo Medika Asia


We have been consulting for their market survey, online engagement and also involve in their launching process.



We get involve in their social media and other marketing engagement to attract various corporate clients.


Supporting their media works in Indonesia.

Riitachi and its Affiliates


Big data analytics to improve the advertising efficiency and also optimum revenue for a mid-size retail company that manufacturing and distributing kitchenware and houseware.

Forum Diskusi Transportasi Jakarta

Collaborating/Supporting Forum Diskusi Transportasi Jakarta (FDTJ) for potential improvement of public transportation system in Jakarta including Machine Learning-based integrated public transportation apps.

Contact us


Graha Satria 6th floor
Jalan RS Fatmawati No. 5, Jakarta selatan
(South Jakarta), Jakarta, Indonesia 12430